The ultimate cleaning system

A versatile cleaning device used by 1000s of retailers to help reduce fashion retail deadstock and provide new services to their clients

What is w'air?

w’air is a versatile handheld cleaning device that delivers unparalleled cleaning results.

The w'air uses hydrodynamic technology producing a blast of water, air and detergent which actively collides with dirt, grime and everyday odours on common fabrics.

Quick and easy to set up, the w’air removes stains & odours effectively on all fabrics from delicates to denim, cashmere and silk.

All this whilst using a fraction of the water, energy and detergent of conventional cleaning methods.

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How other businesses use w'air

  • Fashion & Retail  

    Fashion & Retail

    Salvage countless items both front and back of house and save thousands of pounds in stock that would otherwise need to be discarded.

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  • Specialist Cleaning  

    Specialist Cleaning

    From hospitality services to contract cleaning in offices and workspaces, wair offers the ideal solution to save valuable time and money.

  • Sneaker Cleaning  

    Sneaker Cleaning

    Keep your trainers box fresh. Hydrodynamic technology results in unparalleled micro-cleaning on all types of sneakers.


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We removed make up from a cashmere jumper with ease and it came out as good as new

Tommy Hilfiger Plymouth

A customer dropped a cup of coffee over our display table- the w'air removed the stain from 3 items straight away.

Tommy Hilfiger Oxford

Some team members use it on their uniform if needed throughout a shift just to refresh it.

Tommy Hilfiger Edinburgh

So much better and easier then a steamer- it gets to work straight away without the need for heat.

Tommy Hilfiger Regent Street

We refresh every item that is returned with great results- completely removes any odours.

Tommy Hilfiger Aberdeen

We’ve used the w’air system for over a year now and love the versatility and the overall performance it brings to our sneaker cleaning work. It helps us to reduce the time needed for each clean, has great micro-cleaning capabilities and reduces dramatically the need to scrub the fabrics and therefore lower the abrasion risk that this carries. It’s an indispensable part of our tool kit which really delivers for us.

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