Sneaker Cleaning 101

We all know sneakers and boots can get really dirty and smelly quickly. With an estimated 95% of footwear ending up in landfill every year, it’s time we start to care about our footwear more. 

W’air is a handy cleaning device that is great for cleaning sneakers and breathing new life back into your footwear. It’s a brilliant gadget for a quick refresh, deep cleaning and spot stain removal. Our customers use w’air to offer a sneaker cleaning service in-store or to help clean shopfloor or returned stock. Many use it at home too, to clean their own footwear. 

We don’t advise using a washing machine to clean sneakers. This can damage your sneakers and your washing machine and is also damaging to the environment. 

Every part of the sneaker requires different cleaning processes to achieve the best results, so it's best to break down your cleaning into different sections; the uppers, laces, insoles and outer soles. You can use your w’air to clean each individual area of the sneaker, and it can be used on a variety of uppers including suede and mesh. Keep scrolling to see how.

  • Canvas Trainers  

    Canvas Trainers

    It’s really easy to keep your canvas sneakers, like Converse or Vans, looking their best by regularly cleaning them.

  • Mesh Sneakers  

    Mesh Sneakers

    Mesh sneakers are some of the most popular styles at the moment, but they easily attract and absorb dirt.

  • Leather Sneakers  

    Leather Sneakers

    Leather trainers can withstand more wear than canvas or mesh, but they should still be cleaned with care.