• Brush off any dry dirt on the surface of the sneaker upper with a soft shoe-cleaning brush. 

  • Add 4 pumps of the w’air detergent to the w’air tag along with cold water.

  • Hover the w’air wand over the upper and move in small circular motions over the sneaker. Keep the wand 15cms away from the leather starting with the upper and working your way down to the midsole. For more stubborn stains and dirt, hold the w’air directly on the leather as the pressure will help to lift the dirt. 

  • If needed, use a sneaker cleaning brush to loosen the dirt and then repeat the previous step.

  • Use a microfibre cloth to dry the leather. 

Results - Nike Airforce 1S

We bought these Airforce 1s back to life by following our leather cleaning guide and brush cleaning.

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