Mesh can be a difficult material to clean compared to other materials and it can be particularly difficult to remove deep stains that have been on the sneaker for a long time, so it's wise to clean your sneakers regularly.

Keep reading to read our step by step guide to clean mesh sneakers.

  • Brush off any dry dirt on the surface of the sneaker upper with a soft shoe-cleaning brush. 

  • Add w’air pre-treatment to any stained mesh. Allow this to be absorbed into the mesh for at least 30 minutes. For deeper stains, we recommend adding pre-treatment the night before.

  • Add 4 pumps of w’air detergent along with cold water to the w’air tank.

  • Hover the w’air wand over the upper and move in small circular motions over the sneaker. Keep the wand 15cms away from the mesh. For a deeper clean, hold the wand directly on the mesh, but don’t do this for longer than 5 seconds to prevent a build-up of pressure. 

  • Place the w’air inside the sneaker and clean the inside of the mesh as this can improve the overall appearance of the outside of the sneaker. 

  • If the stains are stubborn, use a sneaker cleaning brush after using the w’air in order to allow the detergent to penetrate even further into the material, targeting deeper stains. 

  • Add a new tank of clean cold water and use the w’air wand to rinse the sneaker, ensuring all dirt and excess solution is removed. 

Results - Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2

We cleaned this pair of Yeezys by following the mesh guidelines and leaving the pretreatment on the mesh for 30 minutes at the start. 

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