Instead, you can freshen up weekly, or spot-clean your canvas sneakers with our w’air device. Keep reading for our step-by-step guide. 

1. Brush off any dry dirt on the surface of the canvas upper with a soft shoe-cleaning brush. 

2. Add 4 pumps of w’air detergent to the w’air tank and fill with cold water. 

3. Hover the w’air wand over the surface of the canvas upper and move it in small circular motions at a distance of 15 cm for a light clean. For a deeper clean hold the w’air directly on the canvas and use circular motions (please ote: avoid doing this for longer than 5-6 seconds at a time to avoid a build-up of pressure). 

4. Repeat until desired results are achieved.

5. Dry the sneaker with a microfibre towel

6. Fill the w’air tank with just water, then use the w’air to rinse the sneaker to ensure all dirt has been removed. Start from the top of the sneaker, working your way to the midsole, ensuring there is no solution present on the canvas. 

Results - Old Skool Vans

We cleaned a pair of Old Skool Vans with the w’air following our canvas steps. The sneakers in the ‘after’ photo have dried completely, showing that the dirt has been removed and colour restored. 

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